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United States
Current Residence: my room
Favourite genre of music: not very picky. no rap though
Favourite style of art: CG
Operating System: XP
Shell of choice: turtle
Skin of choice: mine
Favourite cartoon character: Aela. YES my own character :P
Personal Quote: To talk and leave an impression is simple; to write and have that same effect is talent. (c) me
  • Listening to: Anima libera
  • Reading: Earthsea trilogy
  • Watching: Stuff
  • Playing: last remnant
  • Eating: noms
  • Drinking: apple juice
Name: Aela Valoran (Cylae if you want my maiden name)
Birthdate: 4th moon of the Red Phoenix
Birth Place: Archania, Kaldaris
Current Location: It varies. Does a goddess have a home? True home would be where I was born, I suppose.
Eye Color: light blue
Hair Color: purple
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 160 pounds.
Tattoos: None.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Shayon is my husband
Overused Phrase: "You can't understand." I've given up trying to explain how gods work.

Food: Aaah, hard to choose. Schoko is a definite treat~
Candy: Sometimes. Mostly anything creamy that melts in the mouth
Number: I don't really have one... Seven I guess,for my birthday
Color: Does silver count
Animal: phoenix. it is my icon after all
Drink: schoko juice. what?
Alcohol Drink: spiked schoko juice? heh heh. Just kidding. Centaurian wine. Nothing beats a little magic in your drink.
Bagel: a what...?
Letter: Who seriously has a favorite letter?
Body Part on Opposite sex: Hmm. The eyes or hair. not going to choose

Pepsi or Coke: schoko juice
McDonalds or Burger King: what????
Strawberry or Watermelon: strawberry...i guess.
Hot tea or Iced tea: Depends. is it hot or cold outside?
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate.
Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Hot chocolate. Coffee is disgusting
Kiss or Hug: Kiss. Hugs are great but a kiss seals the deal.
Dog or Cat: Cats. A lot more elegant and they can take care of themselves.
Rap or Punk: Punk if i have to choose...
Summer or Winter: Summer. Everything is alive
Sad Movies or Funny Movies: i'm not sure what movies are...but funny over sad.
Love or Money: Love. money is never faithful

Bedtime: When i get tired
Most Missed Memory: I don't miss any because i remember them all. Goddess perk
Best physical feature: I'd have to go with my eyes.
First Thought Waking Up: I don't really think when I wake up. I suppose it would be orienting where shayon is beside me.
Goal for this year: Too many to list. Sankora doesn't tell me all of them
Best Friends: Sheiara, easy.
Weakness: Nothing really, with Sankora. But my own biggest fault is trying to do everything myself.
Fears: My loved ones having to suffer for the sake of balance
Heritage: I'm a "vessel" so i suppose you could say none,really, but as far as my parents go, I'm a direct descendant of the first king of Kaldaris
Longest relationship: Shayon is my husband. Nuff said

Ever Drank: Yes. obviously, if i have a favorite drink
Ever Smoked: nope
Pot: for cooking in only?
Ever been Drunk: a few times. a couple of them hard moments and a few for celebrations
Ever been beaten up: In the sense of mobbed, no. But i've had some hurtful battles,yes
Ever beaten someone up: yes. but he deserved it
Ever Shoplifted: i filched a couple fruits from the market when i was really little. Never did it again after my father found out, believe you me.
Ever Skinny Dipped: Yep, plenty of times.
Ever Kissed Opposite sex: I'm married with a couple kids so...that should be an obvious
Ever Kissed Same Sex: uh. if a friendly kiss on the cheek counts
Been Dumped Lately: No.

Number of Regrets in the Past: Too many to rattle off. i hate choices where you lose with either one.
What country/world do you want to Visit: I've visited lots of worlds. I like warm ones with lots of vegetation
Been to the Mall Lately: I don't really need to shop when i can create what i want
Do you like Thunderstorms: They're all right if you have someone to stay inside with.
Get along with your Parents: My parents are dead. But i got along with them most of the time, yes.
Health Freak: I dont have to worry about it. I only eat because I enjoy it, but I dont need to.  
Do you think your Attractive: I would say so. Really depends on who's looking though doesnt it, hm?
Believe in yourself: Yes.
Want to go to College: I was schooled until i was 20...if that counts
Shower Daily: Yes. I love baths.
Been in Love: Duh. Married willingly and still enjoying him
Do you Sing: When no one's listening. Sheiara is the singer. I dance
Want to get Married: married.
Do you want Children: I have two kids, Sera and Dion.
Hate anyone: Yes
You probably answered this already but if you're in Love, who is it?: You're right. I *have* answered this. Multiple times now. If you don't know who it is by now you haven't been paying attention.


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Yuki-Mime Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2009
Uhhhh WHY aren't there more Jareth pics, puhlease? I spent a frantic ten minutes searching for one this morning. I think I saw two. :p :p
Maybe I didn't look hard enough....
trueangelaela Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2009
lol! probably because most of them arent posted. you silly thing
i havent drawn any in a while. i need to do him and faiiiny
Luixsia Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2009
Cool pics, im gonna watch yah
peruzzo10 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2009
cool stuff! if you get a chance, check out my page here.

I'm a comic artist trying to spread word about my latest comic on here: [link] It's a contest that the winner gets a publishing contract, so I really need votes!
Madelae Featured By Owner May 28, 2009
always a darling :heart: ty...btw..<_< /cough WoW /cough it calls you /hack!
trueangelaela Featured By Owner May 28, 2009

no wow for you! maybe you'll come join me on aion if i play it this fall :O
Madelae Featured By Owner May 28, 2009
you and my boyfriend..tryin to convert me <_<
trueangelaela Featured By Owner May 29, 2009
two against one. and we shall win. and ohooo i didnt know miss faye had a lova. i wants details, b*** :l
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Pascale-Marry Featured By Owner May 3, 2009
MERCI! :iconyaysupplz:
DeliciouslyShane Featured By Owner May 3, 2009
It's Ukyo.
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